York Silver Makers Marks

This section lists the silver hallmarks used by a number of York Silversmiths. 

Please note that this list of York silver makers hallmarks is not complete, we recommend you obtain a book of silver hallmarks – we listed a number of excellent silver hallmarks books in our recommended books section.

HP&C – Hampston, Prince & Cattles – York
P&C – Prince & Cattles – York
RC JB – Robert Cattle & James Barber – York
RC – Richard Clark – York
RC – Robert Cattle – York
JB WN -James Barber & William North – York
JB – James Barber – York
JB WW – James Barber & William Whitwell – York
JB GC WN – James Barber, George Cattle & William North – York
Bu William Busfield
IH John Hampston
IP & John Prince
JB & Co James Barber & Co
JB James Barber
GC George Cattle
WN  William North
JB James Barber
WN William North
JB James Barber
WW William Whitwell
La John Langwith
Ma Thomas Mangy
P & Co John Prince
RC Robert Cattle
JB James Barber

This list does not contain all of the silver makers who worked in York. If you cannot find the marks that appear on your silver hallmarks, then you will need to refer to a book of hallmarks like those listed on our recommended books page.