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As you may be able to tell, one of my passions is pottery & porcelain. I identified Studio Pottery as a great place to find high value bargains a long while back, since people generally can’t tell the difference between a fantastic piece & a mediocre one.

This ebook concentrates on only the desirable potters, over 200 of them, and gives examples of their work, marks, and values.
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British Studio Pottery

Identification & Valuation

This book has been written to fill a large gap in this underrated and virtually unexplored field of antiques and collectables.

It is possible to buy books identifying almost every potter who ever worked, and books of the better collections representing the absolute pinnacle of the potting World.

Until now however, there has been nothing to pull all of the information together in a useful & practical way. What is the point of knowing who made a piece of pottery, if you can’t sort the wheat from the chaff, and how can you have the confidence to buy a pot if you have no idea of its true worth?

This book has been produced in response to exactly this problem, and addresses the issue by providing comprehensive details on a potters history, style, marks, influences, types of clays & forms of decoration, and, most importantly, an accurate indication of price.

There are almost 200 highly rated potters covered, some you will have heard of like Bernard Leach, Hans Coper, etc, and others that you probably haven’t such as Heber Matthews, Gordon Baldwin, William Newland, and dozens more.

It is hard to believe, in an area of collecting where pieces often realise Hundreds, Thousands, and sometimes Tens of Thousands of Pounds, that good pieces are still picked up at car boot sales, charity shops, and flea markets for pennies, but this is exactly what happens every day of the week.

Due in part to a general lack of understanding, and perpetuated by a lack of useful publications on the subject, studio pottery represents one of the great missed opportunities in the antiques world. Whilst the rest of the trade arrive at the car boot sales at 6-00 in the morning and attack the stalls like vultures, I’ve turned up at dinnertime and still found really good bargains just sitting there. No one even bothers to look at them because they don’t know what they’re looking at!

Obviously, anyone who has a reasonable understanding of what actually makes a piece of studio pottery collectable, stands to benefit greatly from this fortunate situation.

Prices have been painstakingly collected from specialist auctions, galleries, fairs, and even the potters themselves, and the work of many of them can realise Hundreds and even Thousands of pounds (incidentally the World Record Price for a piece by Hans Coper is £75,000 – I also know someone who bought a £14,000 Hans Coper pot for 50p at a car boot sale!)

Buy this book and take advantage of this situation while it still exists. It will take the trade a good few years to cotton on and catch up, so if you start looking now you will discover your fair share of the bargains – who knows, next weekend it might be you buying a £14,000 pot for 50p!

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