Remove Stains from Antique Ceramics

I often used to find antique porcelain & pottery at antiques fairs & in shops that would have been worth a reasonable amount of money if only it weren’t so badly stained.

I then discovered the methods used by the Worlds leading museums to safely clean antique pottery & porcelain, and suddenly a whole new area of profitability opened up before me.
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This publication the correct & safe method for removing stains & blemishes from all types of antique ceramics, pottery, porcelain, & china as used by museums around the World.

I often used to find antique ceramics that would have been a bargain had it not been for the staining that made them so unsightly and unsaleable. I now relish finding badly stained ceramics at knock down prices because using this simple method I can remove the stains & sell the items at their true values.

This method uses a readily available & cheap household solution and the transformation is amazing. Just allow your ceramic item to soak in the solution for a week or so & follow the simple steps in the ebook & you will be amazed at the difference!

Gone are the brown stains from under the glaze, and the ground on dirt. What you are left with is a ceramic object in pristine condition that you can then sell on for many times the price you paid for it.

This method is totally safe for all kinds of ceramics, soft paste, hard paste, chinese export, stoneware, pearlware, creamware, and everything else! It is the method used by museums around the World and is completely non destructive – DO NOT EVER USE CHLORINE OR HOUSEHOLD BLEACH!

This also covers basic restoration techniques, including replacing missing parts, colour matching, and much more.

This is an ebook that will be delivered as soon as payment is recieved and is a bargain at only £4.99

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This ebook is just £4.99 & can be downloaded instantly.
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