Newcastle Silver Makers Marks

This section lists the silver hallmarks used by a number of Newcastle Silversmiths. Please note that this list of Newcastle silver makers hallmarks is not complete, we recommend you obtain a book of silver hallmarks – we listed a number of excellent silver hallmarks books in our recommended books section.

AK Alexander Kelty
AR Anne Robertson
Ba Francis Batty
Bi Eli Bilton
Bu John Buckle
CR – Christian ker Reid I
CJR Christian Reid Junior
CR DR  Christian & David Reid
CR IS Christian Reid & John Stoddart
DC David Crawford
DD David Darling
DD IB – David Darling & James Bell
DL Dorothy Langlands
DR David Reid
FB Francis Batty
GB George Bulman
GM – George Murray
IC – James Crawford
IC Isaac Cookson
IK James Kirkup
IL – John Langlands II
IR DD – John Robertson I & David Darling
IL IR John Langlands & John Robertson
IR IW – John Robertson & John Walton
IM John Mitchison
IR John Robertson
IS John Stoddart
IW John Walton
La John Langwith
L & S  Lister & Sons
MA Mary Ashworth
Ra John Ramsay
R & D  Robertson & Darling
RM Robert Makepeace
RP Pinkney & Scott
RP – Robert Pinkney I
RS Robert Scott
RW – Robert Wilson
TP Thomas Partis
TS Thomas Sewill
TW Thomas Watson
WL William Lister
WS IM – William Stalker & John Mitchison
Yo John Younghusband

If you cannot find the hallmarks of the silversmith that you are looking for then you will need to obtain a more comprehensive silver hallmarks book like the ones listed in our recommended books section.