How to Find Bargain Antiques

This is an ebook I prepared in 2003 explaining how what I had found useful in finding bargain antiques & collectables, something that I had managed to learn with some degree of success.

More importantly I went on to explain how I thought that this could be much better applied to the internet & auction sites, and it was using these very same methods that in 2006 I bought an antique Worcester jug, incorrectly described, for £100 on eBay – I subsequently sold it at Bonhams for a staggering £47,000!
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I first produced this ebook in 2003 but decided at the time not to release it. Then in 2006, & using exactly the same methods outlined in the ebook I found a Worcester Wigornia Creamer on eBay for £100 – it later sold at Bonhams in London for £46,800.

This publication explains exactly the thought process of how I searched, & still search on eBay, to find the hidden gems that other people miss.

These techniques will work for any kind of antique or collectable since they rely upon Human behaviour & psychology rather than on antiques knowledge itself, although clearly you need to have some idea about the items that you are searching for.

I have used these methods to find a large number of bargain antique ceramics (since thats the area that I am interested in), and I now use these search techniques only & completely forget about searching for items in the way that 99.9% of other online users do.

The methods are extremely simple, do not require rocket surgery type intelligence, and will yield results that you didn’t think possible.

If you have spent any time on eBay then you will have found yourself watching an item that you thought you were going to get at a bargain price only to see it snatched away at the last minute, or the price bid up far too high – with this method it doesn’t happen because no one else will find the items that you do.

The ebook also reveals some search engine fundamentals that will help you in filtering your results, conducting multiple searches at the same time, and other useful online tips & tricks that will save you time & effort & will help you to search more efficiently & find far more items at bargain prices.

The techniques work on all online platforms, not just eBay.

If you want to find bargain antiques online then you really need to get a copy of this ebook – at only £9.99 it will pay for itself many times over.

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