Exeter Silver Makers Marks

This section lists the silver hallmarks used by a number of Exeter Silversmiths.

Please note that this list of Exeter silver makers is not complete, you may need to obtain a book of silver hallmarks for a more complete list.

AR Peter Arno
DC Daniel Coleman
EI John Elston
FP – Francis Parsons
FP JG – Francis Parsons & Joseph Goss
FP SC – Francis Parsons & Stephen Creese
FR Richard Freeman
FT – Francis Trowbridge junior
GF George Ferris
GT George Turner
HS IS – Henry & John Sweet
IH – Jason Holt
IB John Buck
IE John Elston
IP Isaac Parkin
IW John Williams
JG FP – Francis Parsons & Joseph Goss
JH Joseph Hicks
JL – John Legg
JO John Osmont
JS John Stone or James Strong
JW – Josiah Williams
JW James Williams
JW & Co  James Whipple & Co
MO John Mortimer
RF Richard Ferris
Ri Edward Richards
RJ – Richard Jenkins
RS Richard Sams
R.W Robert Williams
SB Samuel Blachford
SL Simon Lery
Sy Pentycost Symonds
TB Thomas Blake
TE Thomas Eustace
TR George Trowbridge
TS Thomas Sampson
Wi Richard Wilcocks
WP William Parry or William Pearse or William Pope
WRS W R Sobey
WW William West
WW – William Welch

This list does not represent all of the silversmiths who operated in Exeter. If you can’t find the hallmarks that appear on your silver then you will need to obtain a silver hallmarks book like those listed in our recommended books section.