Dublin Silver Makers Marks

This section lists the silver hallmarks used by a number of Dublin Silversmiths.

Please note that this list of Dublin silver makers is not complete, you may need to obtain a book of silver hallmarks for a more complete list.

AK – Arthur Keen
AN – Ambrose Nicklin
BT – Benjamin Tait
CM – Charles Marsh
DP – Daniel Popkins
GN – George Nangle
IB – John Bolland
ID – John Dalrymple
IS – James Scott
JB – John Bolland
JK – John Kearns
JP – John Power
JS – James Salter
MK – Michael Keating
SN – Samuel Neville
TW – Thomas Williamson
WL – William Law

For a complete list of silversmiths you will need a good silver hallmarks book like the ones listed on out recommended books page.