Chester Silver Makers Marks

This section lists the silver hallmarks used by a number of Chester Silversmiths. Please note that this list of Chester silver makers hallmarks is not complete, we recommend you obtain a book of silver hallmarks – we listed a number of excellent silver hallmarks books in our recommended books section.

B & F  Matthew Boulton & James Fothergill
Bi Charles Bird
BP Benjamin Pemberton
Bu Nathaniel Bullen
Du Bartholomew Duke
EM Edward Maddock
FB Francis Butt
GL George Lowe
GR George Roberts
GW George Walker
IB James Barton
IG John Gilbert
IL John & Thomas
TL  Lowe
IR John Richards
IW Joseph Walley
JA John Adamson
JC James Conway or John Coakley
JL John Lowe
JS John Sutters
NC Nicholas Cunliffe
Pe Peter Pemberton
RG Robert Green
RI Robert Jones
RL Robert Lowe
RP Richard Pike
RR Richard Richardson
TM Thomas Maddock
WH William Hull
WP William Pugh
WR William Richardson

This list is not complete, it contains many of the more prolific Chester silver makers. If you can’t find the hallmarks that appear on your silver then you will need to look in a silver hallmarks book like the ones listed on our recommended books page.